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KV vs MAN KUEN WONG, (rapidestore)
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United Kingdom
PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 4:44 am   Post subject:  KV vs MAN KUEN WONG, (rapidestore) Back to top 

Hey guys, wish I was aware of this site before I purchased my player from rapidestore on ebay, but I didn`t.

So I bought a player modded in similar style to the ipod nano(I knew it wasn`t a nano at its price), the spec described was that it was 4gb, this was clearly stated to in its title "Free Ship 1.8" TFT 4GB USB FM Music MP4 MP3 Player RSN4", I found it not true when it started corrupting files (as we are all aware why here).

I found this site and followed tips on how to find out the real capacity, it turned out to be 2gb. I have now taken the seller on a dispute in paypal since he has blatantly refused to contact me after I informed him I wanted at least a 50% refund on the price I paid since the player is only 50% of its spec. I found it fair to request 50% since the player does work, but is only half the capacity Rolling Eyes

Anyway, hopefully since my messages through ebay didn`t get through to his thick skull this dispute in paypal will Wink

Additional comment, as per the rules I should state I made the mistake of originally making hasty positive feedback to rapidestore on ebay, that was before I was aware anything was wrong Rolling Eyes I have made follow up feedback on him, but maybe to little to late? Confused

Last edited by KV on Sun Jul 29, 2007 2:17 am; edited 1 time in total

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United Kingdom
PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 1:59 am   Post subject:  Re: KV vs MAN KUEN WONG, (rapidestore) Back to top 

For anyone who maybe interested, here is my current progress in my dispute against MAN KUEN WONG who is part of rapidestore.

Quote: › From Buyer: ---- on 27/07/2007 11:35 BST
I received the mp3/4 player which was advertised as a 4gb player, this description is incorrect as the player is only 2gb. I found this out when putting files onto it, going beyond the 2gb capacity resulted in files becoming corrupt, unreadable, undeletable and also in some cases unidentifiable by the player. It frequently gave a "Format error", I decided to research the problem on the internet and found many sites with valuable information that made it very clear what the problem is. The players memory has been compressed and the firmware tweaked to give information of 4gb storage which is deliberately misleading, the player cannot handle that capacity. This is not a fault of the player, it has been deliberately been setup to do that. I have since used one of your own tools provided on the cd with the player which confirmed it, that to indicates only 2gb storage, therefor you sold an item with a misleading description of specs! I also note (which I brought to your attention) that you stated in the auction the item is from London, again that is misleading, it came from Hongkong.I have contacted you several times but you do not resolve the issue, I therefor ask for at least a refund of 50% of the price I paid (50% = 11.13) to reflect the fact the item is only half the spec you stated. I will not return the item at my own expense as I feel I have already paid more than its worth and refuse to pay more for your blatant misleading sale. To end this dispute I ask that you fulfill the request I have made of refunding 50% of the price I paid for the misleading item, I will then be satisfied and will close this dispute.

Quote: › From Seller: MAN KUEN WONG on 28/07/2007 03:09 BST
Hi!I am sorry to hear that..Maybe it was packed wrong by our packers.Or maybe the manufactory had made a big fun on us..I am also the victim you know.I am sorry for all of this.I think you must be an expert on this field,you must know the market price very much,and obviously,the 4GB one not equal to 2 pcs of 2 GB one..You know the Player was not just a 2GB/4GB flash inside..Shall I partial refund you 20% for our sincere apologise?If you disagree on this,would you please ship it back for a replacement or get a full refund??Please close the dispute for me soon.. I need your help... Thank you in advance!Regards,Rapidestore@

Quote: › From Buyer: ---- on 28/07/2007 20:36 BST
I am not an expert, but I do know that I made a bid on an item described as 4gb, if I knew it wasn`t a 4gb I may not have taken part in the auction. I know these devices aren`t expensive since they are not branded and not built to the highest quality but I took trust in the feedback I saw on your account and made the bid. I`m sure you can understand my bitter disappointment when I learned my device was not as it was described. This was learn t through research when trying to find a solution to the problems the player was having. I am not one for jumping the gun and assuming the worst which is why I research first, doing the research is what enlightened me of the real problem, your own software on disk just confirmed it. The players real capacity is only 2gb, not the 4gb advertised, if you were in my position you would agree that if you bought an item advertised as 4gb yet you got an item that faked 4gb storage and in reality is 2gb, you would also feel the entitlement to a 50% refund. I am not willing to accept 20% when I only got 50% of what I paid for, so I should be able to claim back 50% of what I paid and no less. Regarding the return of the item I said no, 2 reasons why:1: You advertised item location "London" not HongKong, that is misleading and results in much higher costs to me if a return is needed (also I risked unexpected charges from customs since I wasn`t aware the item was NOT UK located).2: For me to pay to ship it back would cost me more money, even if you refunded me for the player it would still have cost me and yet I would have nothing, you would gain, I would loose, so sorry no deal.I stand at my request,50% refund of the price I paid(11.13)or this dispute continues and I consider further action against you.PS,I should refer you to this site which details the problems I have had,it also links to articles on ebay itself from people who have bought these players, there are more sites too. mail me here when we have a deal that corresponds to my suggested request.

Quote: › From Seller: MAN KUEN WONG on 29/07/2007 02:54 BST
Hi Simon!I am sorry that I can't refund you 50%..If you disgree on this,I will insist on shipping it back for a full refund.I don't wanna escalate this case.You know both of us are trying to protect our benifits,No seller would agree on 50% refund for this occassional problem.If you disagree on this,It seems Ship it back is the best way to resolve this problem.I sincerely hope to have your comprehension.Please think it more..Okay? Kindly do me a favor..I am just a little employee in this company,I am doing what my manager ordered.Don't push me in a trouble situation,okay?30% can be accept by you??Regards,Rapide@

As you can see, he first tried to play as if its new to him and that he didn`t expect the player to be fiddled, but I refuse to swallow that since he is listed here in the bad books. he has also reffered to him being a "little employee" and doesn`t want me to push him into a "trouble situation", his return offer has increased from previously, so progress is being made.

I am going to push a little more to try and at least get close to my requested refund as I think my request it is fair. I totally refuse to ship the item cos I will not payout anymore fullstop.

The battle continues...

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United Kingdom
PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 6:59 am   Post subject:  Re: KV vs MAN KUEN WONG, (rapidestore) Back to top 


Quote: › From Buyer: ---- on 30/07/2007 10:30 BST
I fail to see why you can`t do the refund of 50%, also where do you get the impression no seller would agree to it? You say YOU don`t want to escalate this? Your not the one with the complaint, you are not the one who was mislead into buying a falsely advertised media play were you. You also say about shipping the item back? Which part of I refuse to pay the shipping fees to a country other than that stated as the items location do you not understand? You can not say item location "London" yet supply direct from "Hongkong" and then expect me to ship the item back when you have been sussed making a fraudulent sale. It is not your first time selling a player falsely advertising specs, I have seen comments in your feedback recently, just because in some cases you had the people withdraw their feedback it doesn`t mean it didn`t happen! Besides, the player wasn`t damaged in transit, it was deliberately tampered with before I received it, this is no accident! As for "I am just a little employee in this company,I am doing what my manager ordered.Don't push me in a trouble situation,okay?", I have a couple of comments for that, if you did no wrong then why would you get in trouble? Why should I care what status of staff you are in the "company"? You falsely advertised an item in more ways than one and I fell into the trap. Well I wont be a mug anylonger for you, I AM NOT SHIPPING BACK AT MY EXPENSE, I WILL ACCEPT NO LESS THAN 50% REFUND! Right now I am very tempted to click the escalate button here in paypal because you are being ridiculous. Say "ship back" again or offer me less than 50% refund for the item I only got 50% of,I will hit the escalate button and provide my evidence to paypal, I have had enough talking to you and hearing your excuses.

The seller then escalated the case to paypal and I got this response soon after:

Quote: › From Seller: MAN KUEN WONG on 30/07/2007 11:26 BST
Dear Simon! Sorry for all of this!! Thanks for talking me so much!! I agree on refund you 50% Please close the dispute for me.. I will escalate the dispute first,then I will offer you a half refund..After you accepted,the dispute will be close,Okay? Kindly let me know whether it's okay for offering you a money refund.. Sorry for all!!! Regards, Rapide@

Finally I got this message:

Quote: › From Seller: MAN KUEN WONG on 30/07/2007 11:32 BST
We agreed on half refund on this case.

So there you have it, I won the case and got the 50% refund I initially requested so I am very pleased with the outcome Very Happy

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MPx-a-lolics Anonymous
MPx-a-lolics Anonymous

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 7:07 am   Post subject:   Back to top 

Congratulations! There have been several posters here who's contact through e-mails is "just an employee". It's always someone else's fault LOL! Anway, glad to see you didn't back down and got what you demanded. Cool

Embarassed 1GB Black Hacked Chipod Embarassed
2 GB Black Temptation Player Very Happy
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United Kingdom UK England
PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 12:15 pm   Post subject:   Back to top 

just found this site,
a bit too late as i have bought over 20 players off hailitele already,
it's not the fact that i have found them to be only 1gb, but that i have sold them on.
now just waiting for the backlash.

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United Kingdom
PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 12:41 pm   Post subject:   Back to top 

Cheers booboo773, I thought it would collapse at one point but bit the bullet and battled on, really pleased with the result.

@eddie, bummer mate, all I guess you can do if you do get backlash is help your customers all you can, not sure what else but I`m sure you`ll think of something.

Rapidestore are exposed again, so thats twice my satisfaction, its ashame that without doubt they will continue selling these falsified players.

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