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Is my player hacker or just a cheap piece of ****?
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Canada CA British Columbia
PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 9:02 pm   Post subject:  Is my player hacker or just a cheap piece of ****? Back to top 

I bought a seemingly nice MP3 player for my wife on eBay 2 weeks ago. Pink 2Gb 1.8" ipod nano copy only trademark on it I can find is "ME2". The item was supose to be in australia, but was shipped out of Hong Kong. Shipping was free, so I didnt care...

I successfully added about 1.9Gb worth of music on there, but the next day my wife told be that it randomly reboots. In certain music folders, it will just reboot when it switches songs. Other folders wont do it. I also found folders that were corrupt and had files that I never put in there. I had put the files in other folders but they magically appeared in this folder and were impossible to delete them. I had to format the drive and I tried again, using only 1Gb worth of music and it did the same.

I also tried to remove the firmware on the player, but the program I got from this site cannot extract successfully. The seller "eby-star" says he's just an employee for his company and will give me full refund for my product. This is not an issue, but is this a hacked player? Just a crappy firmware? Or some kind of bad logic inside the player? Any ideas would be great...

Im also going to buy another player, I dont want Ipod, they suck. I want something I can use as a portable player / hard drive. What MP3 player has good firmware, functions and customizable options that is not Ipod?

Thanks... Eric

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New Zealand
PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 9:32 pm   Post subject:   Back to top 

Tremblay, The problems you are having are consistant with hacked memory, it is quite easy to check using MP3 Disk Tool which is part of MP3 Player Utilities available in the Downloads\Tools section.

As far as non ipod players, depends on what you want to spend.
I can recommend both the Meizu M6 or M3 depending on your needs. M6 with it's 2.4 inch screen if video is a deciding feature or the M3 if music is your primary concern. Both come in 4GB and 8GB with build quality that equals and features that surpass ipod.


If you have been ripped off with a hacked player by a seller submit a report to
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MPx-a-lolics Anonymous
MPx-a-lolics Anonymous

USA US New Jersey
PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 10:01 pm   Post subject:   Back to top 

I agree with everything taddad said. eby-star is, unfortunately, known for selling hacked players. The "2gb" you received is most likely 1gb. You should probably pursue a partial refund if you decide to settle for the lesser memory.

And meizu is an excellent choice for a non-ipod. You won't be disappointed if you decide to purchase one.

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Canada CA British Columbia
PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 11:12 pm   Post subject:  Re: Is my player hacker or just a cheap piece of ****? Back to top 

Well I check the player with the program you suggested and its even worst than what I thought. The program tells me it's total density is 64Mb! No wonder it was working properly.

Now this "eby-star" fellow has sent me several emails since I left him negative feedback 3 days ago. He says he's just an employee in a bigger company and might lose his job over the feedback. Probably just a huck of junk, but he said he'd give me a full refund. Should I just take my losses ($34 US) and keep the player or send him back and hope for a return. He might just keep my money and send the player to someone else to make more money with the player.

Any suggestions? I dont care either way, I should of done my homework before making the purchase but I've been buying things on eBay since 2001 and have never had a bad experience! Didnt know MP3 players were different though. Thanks for the suggestions guys...


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MPx-a-lolics Anonymous
MPx-a-lolics Anonymous

PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 11:36 pm   Post subject:  Re: Is my player hacker or just a cheap piece of ****? Back to top 

Personally, I wouldn't spend anymore of my money to ship it back. There was another thread on here where a seller said something similar to that (just being an employee). Personally, I think it's a cop out and the guy just wants the negative feedback withdrawn so he can continue ripping people off. Evil or Very Mad

There are good mp3 sellers on eBay, but as everyone on this board has found out the hard way, you have to look for them. Don't just check their feedback, look for a change of IDs as well.

The petition, if you haven't already signed it, is a good collection of sellers to avoid.

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MPx-a-lolics Anonymous
MPx-a-lolics Anonymous

Australia AU Queensland
PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2007 1:31 am   Post subject:   Back to top 

Don't bother with Ebay and thier crappy Nano clones.
Try our sponsor "Uxcell" or if you have to use Ebay try thier Ebay store 'discounttown'.

I'm long over nano clones. Uxcell don't sell them anymore. (only on thier ebay site) But they have some new players based on the Rockchip chipset and they'll leave any nano clone for dust.


Queensland - The Triangular State

It is the beginning of wisdom to be able to say *I dont know!*
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