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MP4 palyer upgrade
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 2:21 am   Post subject: Idea MP4 palyer upgrade Back to top 

I am bhima, i have purchased a chineese sony MP4 player, it says it can play AMV/MP4 but i am unable to play MP4 on it and as well the video for AMV seems to be jerky. I would like to know how to i play some good videos without any jerks. i have tried virtual dub also as per this forum, but was unsuccessful. And also i would like to know if i can install a mp4 or mtv player in this firmware, i mean here the player.
Details of my player are,
mp3 player

---[ info ]--------------------------------------------------------------------
filename = 'dump.bin'
filetype = afi
md5 = FE1195A0EBF6192A71C9AD3E7930854F

---[ info:afi ]----------------------------------------------------------------
file id = 'AFI
vendor id = 0x6977
product id = 0x6552
version = 3.5.37
date = 00/00/0000

+---filename---+ +---size---+ +-type-+ +---+ +--chksum--+
| BRECF644.BIN | | 16kb | | F644 | | B | | 55F928DC |
| FWIMAGE.FW | | 7.47mb | |

| | I | | 145E5970 |
| SYSINFO.BIN | | 192bytes | |

| | | | CC3FDDEA |
+--------------+ +----------+ +------+ +---+ +----------+

---[ info ]--------------------------------------------------------------------
filename = 'dump.bin.FWIMAGE.FW'
filetype = fw
md5 = D999A62DDA1213C3FD2E335FDA511127

---[ info:fw ]-----------------------------------------------------------------
file id = 0x0FF0AA55
vendor id = 0x10D6
product id = 0x1100
version = 3.5.37
date = 12/16/2005
info = 'SDK-ITEM/ACTIONSGongee.ZH'
manufacturer = 'Wilson Co. Ltd.'
device name = 'S1 Mp3 Player'
usb attr = 'GENERIC'
usb ident = 'USB DISK DEVICE'
usb rev = '1.00'
rtc rate = 0x3B6
display contrast = 6
light time = 0
standby time = 30
sleep time = 0
language = simple chinese
replay mode = 0x00
online mode = 0x00
battery type = 3.6V li-polymer
radio/fm support = no

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MPx-a-lolics Anonymous
MPx-a-lolics Anonymous

Australia AU Queensland
PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 3:17 am   Post subject:   Back to top 


These cheap chinese ipod clones are incapable of playing mp4 files and mtv conversion just creates such large files that are really a waste of space.
Although your firmware is modifyable, there isn't an upgrade that will allow you to play mp4.

My recommendation would be to just leave it as it is with it's original firmware intact. There are a number of different versions of AMV Converter in the download section. One of those should give you 'watchable' movies. Perhaps version 3.57 or 3.70
One of the key things about using VirtualDub is you need patience to experiment with a variety of settings until you get the result you desire.

...Or you could always get yourself a new player Smile

Queensland - The Triangular State

It is the beginning of wisdom to be able to say *I dont know!*
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 5:20 am   Post subject:   Back to top 

Thanks a lot buddy. I was about to experiment the upgrade of firmwares. But i stoped now after seeing ur response. i am also trying on virtual dub. i found a solution to my question. the solution is in vitrual dub convert the frame rate to 12 fps and so some normal compression using any compression method and then allow that avi to amv comvert for high fps and mode 0. this will work perfect.

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