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MP5/PMP Sound output
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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2009 10:54 am   Post subject:  MP5/PMP Sound output Back to top 

I'm a sound guy....most people go to the extreme of calling me an audiophile...I mostly say I don't have that kind of wallet to be one.

However, I do strive for excellent high-quality sound in just about everything...I'm the guy who doesn't own a pair of headphones that cost less than $120...I'm the guy who still has a 30lb stereo on his shelf next to a 56lb reel-to-reel machine.

Yeah, I owned an's output was ok..nothing I'd write home about..about the same quality as the onboard sound from my RealtekHD integrated laptop sound...which is strange because it had a Wolfson DAC in it...I guess they screwed up the analog stage.

So, I seriously didn't know what to expect from my MP5 when I got it home saturday and took it out of the package. So, here I am, a few days and 3 battery drains later and I've made an opinion on the unit.

This thing has to have a Wolfson DAC in it (or a Burr-Brown maybe? probably not)....I should really bite the bullet and take it apart to find out...beucase it's output is fracking amazing. There's virturally no noise I can hear on my Bose TP-1A's....everything is clear, crisp, detailed....seriously, this is the kind of quality I'm only used to on expensive audio hardware. They either nailed the design...or did a really good job of assembling things to fool my ears.

so, I know a lot of you own these things..and have had them longer than me...what's ya'll's opinion of your respective players? Does the sound quality vary from unbranded unit to unbranded unit and I just happen to reach in to the pile and blindly pull a good one?

I realize not many people are as critical/touchy about sound as'm blown away. I just put 4 gigs of Beatles MFSL Vinyl rips in FLAC on the player (which took internal storage to 10 megs free...more proof it's an unhacked player) and like..I'm amazed..if I sit back and close my eyes I totally forget I'm listening to something the size of a credit card....I expect to open my eyes and see my rig sitting in front of me.

I just wish I could use it while it's charging.

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Site Admin
Site Admin

New Zealand
PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2009 5:43 am   Post subject:  Re: MP5/PMP Sound output Back to top 

Hi dewdude,

Thanks for your input.
I'm not much of a sound 'audiophile' myself, but I do notice crappy sound on MP4 players. I've got almost 20-25 different MP4 players and most of them are ok sound. Good earphones helps as well. The sound ain't fantastic but it's not too bad. Then again, I don't take all that notice. I do notice the players that give out 'crappy' sound though that's for sure!

I'm quite interested to know more about your player though. Where and who did you buy it from? Is there a URL link? I would be interested to know what chipset it uses as well (if you find out what the firmware information is within your player, that will help).

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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2009 8:50 am   Post subject:   Back to top 


Thanks for the reply, as far as what's inside the unit...been discussing that in the other thread I made about identifying the player.

I've got pictures of the internals and chip numbers. I have been unsuccessful in locating which chip the DAC is...the number of chips I can see don't add up...all I can see is the NAND, SDRAM, RK2706, JST touch screen, LN4890 and what we suspect is a 5800C FM chip. I can't account for a DAC chip anywhere.

I wish I's a nice sounding player. Good 'phones help, I wish I had the adapter so I could try my Sennheisers on it...but I've had my Bose since Christams and have adjusted to thier tonal properties so the senny's would sound like garbage.

As far as where I got the player..I bought it from acp_seller store on ebay. is a link to my particular player. The only other full-featured mp5 player he had was the same thing in a 4 gig. However, I bought arrived safely and didn't have hacked capacity (otherwise my flac copy of a vinyl rip of The White Album would of been corrupted).

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