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MP4 watch (HS868-A or ADL003)
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PostPosted: Sat May 02, 2009 7:54 pm   Post subject: Question MP4 watch (HS868-A or ADL003) Back to top 

I just got an mp4 watch. Had a few questions and I can find no real answers. Start with what I know:

the box simply says "Mp4 Watch". That is it - where it says "model number" and "Product name" there is nothing. It says it has an FM radio function on the box as well.

the manual says "Mp4 Watch Manual (1.8" Ali Solution)". Inside it has a heading called "Instruction of ADL003" but no other indicators of model, or even who made it. The manual explain about the pedometer function and the FM radio. (or selections "08" and "09" when selction what you want to do)

The problems: for the life of me I can not find any pedometer or FM Radio. The selection screens end at "07" - "setup". In doing searches for "ADL003" I find nothing. In doing a generic search for players I found Cool Black MP4 Watch Player 2GB - 1.8 Inch Screen, which is the same one I got - this one is listed as "CVAAD-868-2GB-BLACK". Except if you look at the images the one showing the "01", music screen shows a little "rainbow" at the bottom that says "mode" where as mine simply says "Music". Likewise the image showing the clock shows, well, a clock - mine shows that same thing as well but also shows the date (in European mode only [i.e today is May 2, 2009 and it shows as "02 - 05 - 2009"]) as well as the day in a little box, above the time. And that sort of leads into the other issue - I can find no method of setting the time/date format into US/12 hour - it seems locked in to EU/24 hour.

Now I also found this Product Details which seems to be from the distributor in China, model HS868, and it says "FM radio (option), add USD2.7 more". However this is the only place I see this - the place I purchased it from does not say it is an "option" nor do the other places I found with the same model.

In looking at my info I find "01.30.10" as the firmware and 01 for the "Chip:". It also only plays .mtv files if tyhat helps and when connected to my PC (running XP) is shows as "Audio Player USB Device". Note the info page says "Korea SKYLARK solution" as opposed to what my manual says "Ali Solution". Any thoughts or ideas? Is there a firmware upgrade that adds the FM radio and pedometer?

As a side note Watch MP4 Player 2GB, 1.5-inch OLED Screen is another model - listed as "WM888" - that has a smaller screen however seems to come in the same generic package. Many of the comments/reviews talk about the 24 hour time vs. 12 hour time however one comment says , in part " I don't know if they have newer firmware, but they don't have the limitations described in most of these reviews [SNIP]...the clock can be switched between 12/24 hour format"

Thanks for any help with this.

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