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Something is up with godzilla308388
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USA US North Carolina
PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:29 am   Post subject:  Something is up with godzilla308388 Back to top 

Actually, more than a little something is up with godzilla308388. He's no longer a registered user. I'll give you a time line.

I discovered something was wrong with my "4 gig" MP4 player (not bought from godzilla308388, but the seller isn't selling them anymore, so it's not worthwhile to mention the name) and I didn't know quite what, so I started looking at other players.

With my guy cheering me on, on January 6 I bid on and won a new 8 gig nano clone. Within a couple days of winning, though, I found out about the hacked players (my older mpx is really 2 gigs, for instance, hence the problems I was having--I was trying to deny the possibility for a little while, but it was right around that time) and saw a feedback on godzilla308388's account accusing him of selling hacked players.

About a week after that, I wrote to the seller, keeping things polite and innocently asked if there could be any problems with mine, since I'd seen their feedback and heard about the hacked players. I even suggested that it might be the manufacturer. I also asked about whether the item had shipped, since I hadn't heard anything.

The seller addressed the shipping information, but ignored my question about the memory size on the player. Warning signals went off in my head, so I repeated the question.

The reply I got (within 24 hours) was that they didn't have to answer for their feedback and their return policy should take care of me if there were any problems.

At that point I was sure I was getting a bad player and began to wish it wouldn't come.

Finally, toward the end of the month, godzilla308388 sent me a tracking number. The item had shipped on January 21. I received the player roughly a month after I ordered it, which surprised me if you consider the really late shipping date.

I checked it and it was genuine. It was also displaying in Chinese, so before I figured out the menu system (using was little I remember of Kanji from when I took Japanese to extrapolate what the Chinese *might* look like--I was just lucky, honestly) I wrote and asked what the characters I needed to find looked like. I got a polite response with little graphics that the proper characters. Even though I had already worked it out, I was happy about that and willing to forgive them a lot at that point.

I left good feedback, saying that I had received a Real Capacity, Not Hacked Player. I even said the seller was helpful (because they had sent me the info I would have needed if I hadn't already fixed it myself).

That night my baby goat bit through the wires on my favorite pair of earbuds, then she got the set that came with my player.

I bought and paid for two more sets of earbuds (identical to my favorite pair, minus the goat chewing) from the seller who sold me my player.

Wednesday, another player came up in their items with a low starting bid. I thought, well, I can take the chance and get it for my brother for his birthday. I attempted to bid. eBay's system told me that my transaction was blocked by the seller and that if I attempted to buy under a different user name (I only have the one) I would be indefinitely suspended.

That shocked me. I wrote to the seller, wanting to know why. It made absolutely no sense to me. The seller wrote back and said that they would check their eBay records.

Yesterday, I wrote back asking how that was going and let them know I was a little upset, because they had been a bit rude to begin with and I had done everything I was supposed to, including giving positive feedback and good DSRs. It should not have taken more than 3 days to look up my eBay records.

I was telling a friend about it this morning and went to look up the listing for the earbuds I had bought (and still haven't heard back about at all) when I found the listing removed and the seller banned.

I'm going to give them the month to get the earbuds to me, then my plan is to contact PayPal and eBay for my money back. In light of the fact that the seller is no longer a registered user, I suspect it won't be a problem, though I'd rather have my earbuds.

In retrospect, I'm glad I'm not waiting on a player from them. godzilla308388 did me a favor by blocking my transactions. And I do have a real 8 gig mpx for my troubles.

I sincerely hope no one bought from them based on my brief comments about having gotten a good one there.


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USA US North Carolina
PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:20 pm   Post subject:  Re: Something is up with godzilla308388 Back to top 

Well...I thought about things and opened a case with PayPal early and finally got my answer as to why they blocked me. They said they block every one who makes 3 or more purchases from them. Since I bought 1 player and 2 sets of earbuds, they cut me off. I guess the market is so saturated with buyers that they feel ok about losing one that pays on time and leaves good feedback. (Believe me, it still throws me for a loop that they did that. My buying patterns show that I give repeat business to the eBay dealers who provide me with good deals and service. No one has ever cut me off before.)

They claim to have shipped the earbuds and have asked me to remove the claim. I am refusing until the earbuds arrive, since this seems to be the only open line of communication I have with them and I only have their word that the earbuds actually shipped.

I don't ordinarily open claims like that, but that suspended eBay account (looks like a permanent suspension since the text reads "No Longer a Registered User") has me feeling very cautious. Of course, once the earbuds arrive, I'll cancel the claim. Right seems too shady to me.

I'm still not white listing or black listing these folks (I got my player. It is 8 gigs. We'll see if I get my cheap earbuds), though I expect they will have to work the whole suspension thing out with eBay.


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