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#1:  [Solved] Hacked Players Being Advertised on Author: ashley_rb Post Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 8:39 am

Today Im here at the forum reading up on some posts and searching for some stuff and I happen to glance over to the Advertisments for eBay and guess what I see:

We all know that a 8GB player selling for 24.00 dollars even with 18.99 for shipping is way to low for a real 8GB.

A huge amount of people are working extremely hard getting the word out about hacked players and they are linking to this forum. A forum advertising hacks on eBay. Hello.

In one post we have "PETITION - Stop this Multi-Million Dollar Fraud on eBay", yet glance on over to the left hand side of your screen and we get to see the very same hacked product being proudly advertised. Do you really need to be told how bad that is?

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#2:   Author: mekako Post Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 2:39 pm

I know! and this has been pointed before, Admin was going to work on it, and try and filter out the scammers.

But this site has had several issues with dropping off and content going missing! so I guess they have had a lot of things to do to keep it stable.

Perhaps when they find a new Host for the site they may be able to sort it out then.

But you have to bare in mind these adverts pay the rent for the hosting of this site

But yes it's a double edge sword at th moment

#3:   Author: pmilladcs Post Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 9:27 pm

yea, but on the real, what the hell can the admin do? he can't take ads off or he'll lose alotta money, and you can't really do much to filter out the hacked players. maybe "real flash #gb" or something, but members of this site should be educated enough to know which ones are scams. besides, it's not like right when somebody see's a player for a cheap price, but not buy it now, they'll go automaticly buy it (idk, i wouldn't do it, it'd be kinda retarded)
what i'm tryna say is that that it doesn't really matter, having hacked players being advertized on the site won't make much of a difference.

#4:  Re: Hacked Players Being Advertised on Author: ashley_rb Post Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 1:27 am

I totally respect your way at looking at it and your opinions. You made some great points.

We all know nothing will be done about it. The 8GB ads will continue to show up and the forum will continue to generate proceeds from the sell of hacked players, proceeds from victimized buyers.

And at the same time, the fight continues against sellers selling hacks and getting the word out about what some believe to be the worse and largest scam on ebay in its history.

Nothing will be done about it. I think we could perhaps agree on that point.

The other point we could probably agree on is: I should have kept my mouth shut.

I think I just heard someone at the forum say "Amen".

#5:   Author: admin Post Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 5:37 am

Hey guys,

You all have raised some really good points and they are all well noted.


I agree with you and I will made amends to the eBay ad displays to only show 1GB and 2GB for the time being because of uncertainly in hacked players. I too don't think the site should be displaying hacked 8GB players. Though I've tried to exclude any display of 4GB and 8GB players, sometimes it shows up. So what I'll do is try to only show 1GB and 2GB for the time. Though again, you can't always guarantee that they are also legit too. Perhaps I might disable the display of eBay MP4 players but instead display accessories for them. That might work out better and just create a generic "MP4 players on eBay" advert. It's not our intention to display hacked players, it's just something we have to try to modify so it doesn't happen again.



Yes, the site has been having problems, but I think it's because the site has outgrown it's capacity and the system it uses can't handle the users and amount of posts. I am almost at a decision on a new management system for the site.


You are right, the site relies on sponsorship, advertising and commissions from such places as eBay for example. They are important in the running of the site. I will be working hard in the next few months to try to further educate everyone about hacked, or better still, try to get the information out about hacked players before they are bought. Too many people have been scammed by hacked players.

#6:   Author: robjones Post Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 12:37 pm

It`s a shame about the 8GB players showing up, but there is something you can do about it. I have an anti scam listing on Ebay which for some reason unknown to me does not warrant removal by Ebay. I believe I have had some success in highlighting this where it matters, on Ebay. Sellers have either been removed or are using a new Ebay ID. If people are vigilant the scam sellers will soon show themselves. The campaign has started to lose ground lately because I haven`t had too many buyers, but I intend spending a few more quid on it tonight because the way Ebay handle complaints makes my blood boil. There is nothing stopping other forum members trying with ebay listings or supporting the one I have running. I take nothing from this, it is costing me money at the moment. I do intend to keep it going however. I have 7 listings running tonight.
The listing has improved although it doesn`t really show until the later ones tonight. Take a look, I would welcome advice and support. Just search for 8GB MP4 Scam.
Maybe the main reason it has not been pulled is that no sellers have the balls to complain and highlight what is happening.
As for the 8gb ads on the site, I am sure that admin will do something about it if they can. The site has to be paid for.

#7:   Author: ashley_rb Post Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2007 2:58 pm

admin wrote (View Post): › I might disable the display of eBay MP4 players but instead display accessories for them.

Thank you for cleaning up the hacked player ads. I don't think some people have any idea the amount of work and money that is going into stopping the hacked memory scam at eBay.

And I don't think the majority of people have any idea of the campaign in the US, England and Canada to get government agencies involved to put a stop to it.

I checked a couple of boards n/chat this afternoon and the word is spreading really fast that you've cleaned up the ads. Simply awesome! I can't thank you enough.
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