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#1:  My ONDA Reviews Part 4 - VX898 Author: louisnomad Post Posted: Sat May 30, 2009 10:10 pm


The smallest one from ONDA that I have!

I bought it from because it was dead cheap! It was less than thirty bucks for a 4GB music player.

Not that much to talk about this player. A pretty good sound with the SRS on (nice bass, I love it) and a very nice battery life (not the 30 hours on factory advertisement, but I can get around 25… Why factories still use 128kbps mp3 files to do the tests? Come on, nobody uses 128kbps anymore!!! 192kbps is the minimum acceptable, now… Only the best ears can notice the difference between 192 and 320. But even a deaf guy can feel the pain using a 128kbps… lol

The advertised FM radio is not there. I love the way this factory do its jobs! The VX767L with “TV Out” and “FM Transmitter”, and the VX898 with “FM Radio”… Luckily I hate to listen to Radio, so, it wasn’t a big deal.

This player is so small that you can lose it in no time. Just like we like to do with lighters! Very Happy Thank god for the ear phones attached to it… And its little screen is really cute! Razz

A bad thing is: The 3.5” jack is located at the side of the player. It would be better to have it near to the USB port, or the opposite side. And you need to have your music very well organized or you will die before find a specific song between all the songs you can load in a 4GB player!

Do you want to know a stupid thing? It can read properly my TXT files… Geez…

#2:   Author: admin Post Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:00 pm

Thank you for the review and sharing this with us all.

I have moved it to now.
myMPxPlayer.orgMiscellaneousMy ONDA Reviews Part 4 - VX898

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