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#1: Hehehe ! I need some assistance with my "slide panel" PMP Author: metalboy94 Post Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 11:40 am

ok so here's the deal. i bought a "slide panel" PMP 2 days ago. It had 2 GB space, FM radio, GB/GBC emulation (and could also play those weird SunMedia games), 1.3 MP camera etc. One night, I backed up its firmware using the FRM Pro tool, then tried to edit it to see if i could activate clock and calendar. I started flashing the PMP, but I got bored at "Update RSV" so I plugged it out (damn, i was so stupid... Crying or Very sad ). of course, it didnt work. the next morning, i tried several times to flash it, until i got to the point where, no matter how i would flash it, when i turned it on, it only showed me a white screen then turned off. So i took it yesterday to service (told the ppl there that perhaps i plugged it out of the PC before some file copying was over Razz ) and today i went back to them. they gave me another one. It had 2 GB space too, but it had a 2 MP camera, no radio, no GB/GBC emulation (and no SunMedia games) but now i also had notepad and bookmark function in E-Books and "apply as wallpaper" function for photos. The firmware version is (written inside tools>version): V6.1.090226_8_16_17 .

My requests are:

1. could someone upload the firmware files which allow emulation (also without radio so there won't be any conflicts)
2. could someone guide me step-by-step through the whole flashing process so i wont brick the PMP again (cos now i couldnt take it to service anymore Wink ). someone with a yahoo! ID or a Live ID would be great, so he/she could guide me with no interruptions (because i started thinking that the FRM Pro tool is Satan's creation Twisted Evil )

i'm sorry if my requests are silly, but:

1. i couldnt find the said firmware anywhere
2. i'm afraid to use FRM pro again without assistance

so could anyone PLEASE help me? i really like the fact that i could play Pokemon Crystal on my (now bricked) player...

thank u very much

#2:   Author: Mandar Post Posted: Fri May 29, 2009 12:31 pm

same damn problem here but my version is 321.5678

#3:  Re: I need some assistance with my "slide panel" P Author: metalboy94 Post Posted: Sat May 30, 2009 5:07 am

i got some new info. i can plug it in as a webcam by holding FFW (the lower button from the right of the screen) and plugging in the cable.

i tried making a backup but at firmware backup it stops at half the progress bar. i plugged it out (fortunately it still works) but then, windows tells me that DefaultFw.bin has 684 MB Shocked

if anyone can help, ill give them whatever details they need (besides board data and such cos im too scared to open it Laughing )

#4:   Author: admin Post Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 4:51 pm

Please refer to instead to post a reply or new thread.
myMPxPlayer.orgSupport and How ToI need some assistance with my "slide panel" PMP

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