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#1: Question Info about my mp3 player + firmware question Author: xw0lf Post Posted: Sat May 10, 2008 3:01 pm

Hi to all...

I look/search through this site in last few days, but not find (yet?) info about my mp3 player/firmware.. Actually i know much about my gadget, just need help to locate higher firmware version for it, it something like this exist...

I'm owner of STlab mp3 player with SDcard slot (actually, it's A8001 OLED USB2.0 MP3 Player: OLED Display 128x64 2 colors. USB2.0 Hi-Speed/ Full Speed Interface. 128MB/ 256MB/ 512MB/ 1GB/ 1.5GB. Support MP3/ WMA/ WAV Audio format. Support Recording from Line-In/ FM/ Mic. SD/MMC Card Reader from "Suntx system").

Inside this mp3 player is sigmatel DSP, and more info coming:
Quote: › PnP Device ID: VID = 066F PID = 8004
Serial Number: 0002F68C7F2D8E97
Revision: 0100/0100
Device Type: Standard USB device - USB2.0 High-Speed
Chip Vendor: SigmaTel(???)
Chip Part-Number: STML3400L/STML3500L
Product Vendor: Sigmatel

Latest firmware that i have/find is A8_SDK2600_OLED_0.000.803_0126

photo of mp3 player:

anyone know more... or have >.803 firmware for this model, or firmware for similar models with more features, but compatible?

myMPxPlayer.orgGeneral DiscussionInfo about my mp3 player + firmware question

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