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How to: Modify your firmware using s1res tool
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New Zealand
PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2006 4:33 am   Post subject:  How to: Modify your firmware using s1res tool Back to top 

You can modify your firmware using the s1res tool.

Requirements beforehand:

* Make sure you have extracted the firmware using the s1fwx tool as you will need the .bin file so you can modify it with the s1res tool. Read the Knowledge Base here - How to: extract firmware of your player using the S1fwx tool.

* Make sure you have downloaded the s1res tool already. Download it from here. You will need it to open the .bin file and modify your firmware with it.


1. Run the s1res.exe.

2. Click on "File" then "Open" from the top menu.

3. Navigate to your .bin firmware file, select the file then click on the [Open] button.

3. You will now see this screen (or similar) below:

4. A description of what each section is used for is explained below. It might vary alittle depending on how the firmware has been constructioned but it should be very similar.

5. To modify the END sequence, click on [END.RES] section on the left hand side bar. Click on the [+] sign next to it to expand it. Then expand "icon". You will now see a list of files that are used to make up the ending sequence of your player. Some players have more, some have less and some only has ONE end sequence image.

5a. If you click on "001", you can see a "Preview" of the image. Your files might be named differently, but follow the same structure - the first, top photo is the beginning of the end sequence.

6. To replace the images with your own image, you will need to save all your images as a .BMP file with Depth: 24 Bit.

6a. Click on [Import] button.

7. Browse to the image you want to replace it with and press the [Open] button.

8. You will now see your new image in the "Preview" box and also in the "Edit" box below it.

9. Carry on and replace the other images with your own images.

10. You can then modify the Start sequences under the [LOGO.RES] section and follow the same steps as above.

11. To modify the images used within your player, you can do this by importing images into the [UI30.RES] -> "icon" section.

12. To modify the TEXT used in your player, select [UI30.RES] -> "mstring".

(1) Select the text string you want to change
(2) Select the text string you want to change on the right panel
(3) In the "Edit" box on the bottom, change the text to what you want it to be.

NOTE: You must use the same or less than the text characters that are already there. For example, if you decide to change the text "Del. all?" (8 characters), you can change it to "Del All" (7 characters), but you can't change it to say "Delete All" (10 characters).

14. Once you have finished, click on "File" on the top menu then choose "Save".

15. To upload the firmware onto your player, follow this Knowledge Base - How to: Update the firmware for your MP3/MP4 player.

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