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Ainol V3000HD Review
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PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 10:36 pm   Post subject:  Ainol V3000HD Review Back to top 

Ainol V3000HD

Were we go again… lol

Another review from Brazil!

This time I will talk a little about my first cc1600 player (I don’t know for sure if it was the first PMP with this chip made in China, but I think so).

- Mp4Nation

The first thing I’m going to tell you is that it was supposed to be the V3000, not the HD version. I did pay to Raz the V3000 and 15 minutes after that I notice that he were going to sell the HD version. I asked him about an exchange (I said to him I would pay the price), but he sent me the HD version with no extra charges! So, who wants to complain of mp4nation? Honestly, this is the best store ever! Best prices (for sure!), awesome forum (thank god for this place!), and excellent customer service (at least I have nothing to complain about since my first order).

- The box

One of the best packages I ever saw. Compact, very strong, sober colors and a very cool design. The only downside is that it cannot hold the charger. Just like the ONDA ones or the Nationite OS-43…

- The accessories

Opening this box is like Christmas! Together with Raz’ free gifts, here goes a list with everything inside the box:
- V3000HD
- Wall charger
- Black Mofi Case (xxxl)
- Viewing Stand
- Ainol Ear Phones
- Ainol Remote
- USB Cable
- Audio Out Cable
- Video Component Cable
- Manual and Warranty Card

- The player

Smaller than the other 4,3” players I have, this one have a nice body with a comfortable weight (it will not feel cheap in your hands) and a nice looking back plate.

The screen is fantastic! The images on the player are very sharp and all the videos I tried just played very smooth. It will not play a huge number of formats, but it will play very well your avi files (xvid or divx) and rmvb. I got few problems to play another formats on it, but it was just some kind of test… I don’t care too much about movies on my players.

A good thing about the cc1600 is that it can display subtitles (.srt). The downside of this feature is that it will only work for English and Chinese languages. Every accent on the words (like á, ó, â, õ, à, ü, etc.) will be displayed like a Chinese character.

I think this player was planned to be only a video player (just like the other cc1600 player I have), because it is really painful to listen some music on it. OK, it sounds good if you normally use your EQ setup on normal and like to listen to your music on shuffle. But that is almost the only way you can use it. There are no EQ settings and I really don’t like the way you’ll navigate through your files.

With the crispy screen, it is nice to look at your pictures on this player. They look amazing at the 800 x 480 resolution screen! You will have thumbnails on the screen (it takes a little to load, but every player I have do the same) and it turns the search much more easily to you.

The E-book reader is a total failure to me. The CC1600 appears to not support the UNICODE codification to TXT files, only ANSI, and this format cannot read properly the words with accents, on Chinese players. Like I said early, even the SRT subtitles have the same problem. My hunt of the best E-book reader goes on… The OS-43 and T9 are the best ones till now. Let’s see if the Yinlips will win, as it can read DOC and PDF files… All my hope is in that player! Very Happy

I like the player, honestly. I like the way it looks… It is just a beautiful little thing lying on my desk next to my other players, and it is one of the glowing ones. It is my first Ainol player, and probably will be the last one, because all the new players from Ainol look the same, to me… If I could find a place to buy the V2000 with the game pad, I would do it, but Ainol will need to have some genial idea to catch my eyes again!

I would like to say thanks to Raz and Mp4Nation again for the nice surprise about change the players! You guys rock!

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Site Admin
Site Admin

New Zealand
PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:00 pm   Post subject:   Back to top 

Thank you for the review and sharing this with us all.

I have moved it to now.

Binh (admin) has now moved to
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